For the NIT championship we only burn recliners and loveseats. BY the way, Michigan has asked for permission to interview WVU's coach. They want the NIT championship dammit! No more semi-final flameouts for them. » 3/30/07 9:46am 3/30/07 9:46am

Scroll through the photos over at need4sheed. the resemblance between Nene in that Chauncey photo and Charlie Murphy is kind of creepy. And it looks like Chauncy is about to serve Nene pancakes. » 3/27/07 10:20am 3/27/07 10:20am

Ahh the eastern conference. Where a team who was below .500 and out of the playoff picture can win 8 of 10 and suddenly have home court for the first couple rounds. » 3/27/07 9:39am 3/27/07 9:39am